Hospital Clowning

Meredith is a 17 year veteran of hospital clowning. His career as a hospital clown began in 2000 when he was hired to be one of the original members of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in Atlanta.  He served the team  a Site Coordinator at  Scottish RIte and Egleston hospitals in Atlanta. In 2012 Meredith became the Team Supervisor for Big Apple Circus Clown Care in  Atlanta overseeing all hospital and artistic responsibilities for the team. As Team Supervisor he managed the programs expansion into a new hospital campus, Hughes Spalding in downtown Atlanta. In 2016 Big Apple Circus  Clown Care ceased to exist. During this transition he was one of the founding members of Humorology Atlanta, Ha!.  A not for profit organization founded to continue the tradition of hospital clowning in Atlanta. 

In his 17 plus career has a hospital clown Meredith has worked over 2,000 days in the hospital. 17 years of performing  in patient rooms, emergency units, intensive care units, clinics and close circuit  hospital TV shows. 

Social Circus

Meredith is proud to have worked with Cirque du Monde. Cirque du Monde is a Cirque du Soleil program that promotes circus arts as a means of intervention with at-risk youth. Cirque du Monde focuses its actions on training for practitioners, support for social circus organizations and advocacy on the benefits of social circus. Meredith worked as a coach for Cirque du Monde for 10 years. His social circus work has taken him from Atlanta to  New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Mexico City and Montreal.